iPhone most popular device used on WiFi enabled airplanes

Over the past couple of years more and more commercial airlines have been adding in-flight WiFi Internet support; allowing people with WiFi enabled devices to have access to the Internet for a fee. Now one of the biggest providers of WiFi airplane access, Gogo, has announced that Apples iPhone is the most popular mobile phone device that is used on airplanes that are serviced by Gogos business. Airlines that have Gogos WiFi access include American Airlines, United, Delta, US Airways, AirTran, Air Canada, Alaska Airlines, Frontier and Virgin America.

In fact, the iPhone is used by nearly two thirds of all people who use the WiFi in-flight feature, according to the report on AllThingsD.com. Apples iPod Touch media device is used by 20 percent of Gogos users and smartphones that have Googles Android operating system are only used by 12 percent of Gogos airplane travelers. Blackberry owners take up 6 percent of Gogos users. As far as people who own a Windows Phone-based smartphone, the article didnt mention specific numbers saying only, " ... Windows Phone and other phones are used on Gogo about as often as those air sickness bags stuffed into the seat pocket." Ouch.

Among the users of Gogo who own larger devices like laptops and tablets, people who own a Windows-based device are still on top with 41 percent. However, Apples iPad is a close second with nearly a third of Gogos subscribers using the tablet to access the in-flight WiFi network. Mac-based PCs are used by 20 percent of Gogos subscribers.

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