iPhone users have strongest brand retention rates

A new survey conducted worldwide reports that 89% of iPhone owners intend to purchase another iPhone on their next upgrade cycle. The figure is at least twice Apple's competitors, with rival HTC coming up at second with a 39% retention rate.

The report, conducted by an independent research firm UBS (via MacRumors), also places devices with Android at an average 55% retention rate. This is despite the increased proliferation of Android devices in the consumer market, of which the iPhone saw a six percent decline over a 1.5 year period. On the other hand, RIM's userbase continues on a steady exodus away from the once mighty BlackBerries, with a 33% retention rate compared to 62% from the same 1.5 year time period.

Switching trends were also included in the survey. Android device makers Samsung and HTC see a rough parity in persons switching to and from their devices, and Apple has a much smaller percentile of users switching away from their ecosystem. Only 10% of iPhone users plan to move to another brand. Nokia appears to be hemorrhaging users at a similar pace as RIM, as the company places their bets on upcoming Nokia Windows Phone devices.

Image Credits: MacRumors

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