iPhone's Security Blunder

Well, we were all happy to finally get away from Windows 95 back in the day. But now iPhone users have the privilege of reliving all the security flaws of that OS on their sparkle new iPhone. "It really is an example of 'those who don't learn from history are condemned to repeat it'," says Dan Geer, vice president and chief scientist at security firm Verdasys.

Security experts have discovered that all applications run on the device run as root, which means that any hacker can cause devastation by sending out massive texts, pulling phone lists and sending them via SMS without the user's knowledge or even dialling numbers randomly without the user knowing. I personally do not have an iPhone, and have completely disowned apple after my first iPod disaster. After seeing the bricking and the price slashing, this to me is just another reason why I am happy I did not buy an iPhone.

News source: Wired

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