iPod Nano : 200Gb

If Apple's announcements later today don't amuse, this certainly will. Take one recently released iPod Nano; add 200Gb hard disk (plus a little hardware hacking) and what does one get? The biggest (literally) media player on the planet.

"The iPod Nano is a great testament to clean engineering, design, and efficiency in a portable device. However, Apple failed to consider that the available storage capacity is very small! UncycloMedia Commons has released this guide to installing additional storage on your iPod Nano brand device. It might be a good idea to set aside a good two to three hours to installing this addon, but it's pretty easy to perform, as long as you know what you're doing."

The website details the procedure of removing the memory units on the nano, and attaching a ATA adaptor in their place. With a powerful boast of being able to hold '150,000 minutes of music', you'll be the talk of the town - that is - for the six seconds the unit is now able to run for.

Quite possibly the wackiest, and coolest hack, we've ever seen - if it is real, that is. Stay tuned for more Apple news later today!

Update - we'll have coverage on the Apple conference today coming soon; the above, yes, appears to be fake.

View: Photo of iPod Nano (mirror) | Details of the hack

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