IPv6 day on 8th June

There was internet panic by some when the last stocks of the traditional IP addresses that all of us are used to were passed down through the system for the last time. Some predicted the end of the internet while some of the select few realised that it will still be some time before we're really affected by the depletion of the IPv4 system. Given however that they won't last forever as is inevitable, a number of high profile companies have gotten together to create an IPv6 day to try and promote the use of the new system which so many are hesitant to invest in.

The fear at the moment is that Internet Service Providers (ISPs) around the world are not prepared for what will happen when the population have no choice but to start using the new internet protocol. While IPv6 has been around for some time, because it is was not in desperate need of implementing, and the complexity of the new system compared to the old one, implementation overall has been slow.

The day will involve Google, Facebook, Yahoo as well as Limelight Networks amongst others getting involved whereby those with an IPv6 connection will be able to make contact with the participating websites/servers. You can read more about it on the Internet Society website, the group which has organised the day. You can also test out whether you're IPv6 ready on this webpage.

While the main predicted success is to encourage organisations to get their act together and support a smooth transition to IPv6, the other benefit the supporters see is to test out the participants hardware and procedures for when the transition does eventually begin.

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