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Iranian citizens want access to the Windows Store but there is one little problem

Microsoft has opened the doors to feedback on nearly all of the company's products and because these channels are open globally, you can see some interesting perspectives if you look in the details. One such issue is that users of Microsoft's products in Iran, want access to the official Windows Store. 

If you take a look at the post, which you can view here, you can see that it is quickly growing in popularity on the site; likely thanks to a bombardment of Iranian's trying to get this request to the top of the feedback channel. But, there is one little problem.

Because of US sanctions placed upon Iran, Microsoft is not allowed legally to offer its products in that country. So, even though Iranian users want Microsoft to provide them access to the Windows store, this is out of the hands of Nadella and company.

If you are wondering how these users got a copy of Windows in the first place, obtaining the software from non-legitamite sources is quite easy. Seeing that it is only software and not a physical good, smuggling the bits needed in to the country is not a hard task. Not to mention, it is quite easy to spoof your IP, so users could make it look like they are from another region to download the content as well.

We would be willing to bet that Microsoft would love to provide these users with their own store in their own language but as of right now, that's not an option on the table.

Source: Microsoft | Via: Techcrunch

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