Irony alert: Microsoft Office skills needed for some of Google's jobs

Earlier this week, we reported that Google's Amit Singh, the head of their Enterprise division, believes that the company can get 90 percent of the businesses that use Microsoft Office to start using their own Google Apps products for their productivity software needs. It's an ambitious goal, but before they achieve it, they might start looking into hiring people in their own company that have skills in Google Apps.

As points out, Google has a number of currently open job positions that require people to have some experience in using various Microsoft Office software. Just one example is listed on Google's job website for a new Insights and Innovation Analyst in the Partner Solutions division. Under "preferred qualifications", the job listing states:

3 years experience analyzing large data sets; proficient with analytical and presentation tools, including Excel (mastering pivot tables, graphs, and functions) and PowerPoint.

Of course, Microsoft Office has been the biggest force in the productivity software industry for decades and it stands to reason that any employer, even Google, would want someone with those skills if they are needed. However, it will likely be a long time before Google will start advertising for open positions with experience in just Google Apps.

Source: Geekwire | Image via Microsoft

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