Is Microsoft/Yahoo about Windows' server platform failure?

Before my whiney enemies all get up in arms about yours truly once more beating up on Microsoft, I'd like to point out that the idea of Microsoft buying Yahoo being a tacit admission that Windows can't cut the mustard as a top Internet server platform didn't originate with me. No, the credit, or blame if you prefer, goes to Marcelo Carvalho, an IT manager in San Francisco and Damien Hocking, a Linux-Watch reader who brought Carvalho's thoughts to my attention.

Carvalho, in a talkback on CNN/Money wrote, "I do not know if anybody ... has understood the layer beneath a Microsoft Corp. -Yahoo Inc. deal." Caravalho continued, "Microsoft runs on the Windows platform and it has proved inadequate to run big Internet companies. There is not one big Internet company—and I mean "BIG" like Google Inc. , Yahoo, Inc. , eBay Inc. and such—that runs on Windows besides Microsoft. Its software platform has been a disaster supporting its search engine, email and other free services."

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