Is SED HDTV dead? SED technology delayed indefinitely

Have you been waiting since 2005 to purchase a new HDTV that uses surface-conduction electron-emitter display (SED) technology? Perhaps you had best look for alternatives as there are now concerns that SED technology will never make it as far as your local television store. Canon was planning to launch products in the fourth quarter of this year but that release has again been delayed, this time indefinitely.

Canon cites two reasons for the delay: legal troubles (presumably still with Applied Nanotech, a subsidiary of Nano-Proprietary) and cost-related production problems. Producing these next-generation flat-panel TVs at affordable prices will take further production improvements.

SED technology promises good brightness, fast response times and a very high contrast ratio. Some of these claims seemed too good to be true when SED was first announced but while SED has been sitting on the sidelines both LCD and PDP technologies have improved over multiple retail generations.

News source: Canon Press Release

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