Is September 30th a big day for Windows Phone 8?

Windows Phone 8 is definitely due out sometime this fall. Microsoft confirmed that in June at their Windows Phone developer event. However, nailing down a specific date has been harder to come by; some reports claim that the first Windows Phone 8 devices could launch in November.

Today, the website reports it has received an internal Microsoft memo from an unnamed tipster. The memo reportedly claims that Microsoft has set up what it calls an "initial announcement embargo date” for Windows Phone 8. That date? September 30th.

It sounds like that date won't actually be the launch time period for Windows Phone 8 devices, but rather a date where Microsoft could announced when the first Windows Phone 8 products will be sold, and by whom.

September 30th is a little bit unusual for this kind of announcement, since it is on a Sunday this year. However, it's possible that Microsoft could simply announce the Windows Phone 8 details late on Sunday in the Pacific Time zone so the news hits the Monday morning press release cycle.

In any case, Microsoft will likely have a lot more to talk about than the launch of Windows 7.5 in 2011, when only Samsung and HTC released new smartphones during that time period. That's also when Microsoft create that massive Windows Phone display in New York City.


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