It doesn't pay to be cocky...

Microsoft Smartphone community 'MoDaCo' discovered they had a thief in their midst at the 'MoDaCo Summer Event' last weekend, when a charity-raffle bound SPV C550 went missing.

However, it really isn't smart to steal a phone from phone experts... as former MoDaCo member 'cocky' is now finding out!

A couple of hours later, on Monday evening, zone-mr contacted me to let me know he WAS storing the IMEI... and we had a match! Our thief HAD unlocked his C550... at 10:30pm on Saturday in fact! Even better news... careful analysis of the server logs on the spv-developers unlock server gave us the IP address of our thief!

The next step was to find out as much information as possible about the thief. We determined their ISP and some other information, and thought about how to proceed. On an off chance that the thief was foolish enough to unlock the phone from the same connection they used to browse MoDaCo... I checked out the MoDaCo logs, and the MoDaCo sessions table.


Our thief was logged on, and the logs were full of the IP address in question... all pointing to one user.... COCKY!

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