IT professionals struggling to get work

Traditionally IT workers have had good wages and a choice of jobs but this is changing and many are finding it hard to even find work now in most areas of IT.

According to a report by Robert Half Technology many companies aren't planning on taking on extra IT staff during the next quarter. This is a stark contrast to the booming IT market of recent years but since the major technology companies suffered losses as technology stocks and investment plummeted an air of caution has been created halting the development in many key technology-related areas.

The chief executive of Robert Half Technology has stated that "Companies remain hesitant to make major technology investments". Demand has increased in some areas, however, and the report claims that in finance, biotechnology, network security and health demand for IT professionals has gone against the trend and the number of jobs available has increased.

Finance is the main area that has shown potential increases in their IT workforces as 20% of the companies surveyed in this field claimed they would be increasing job opportunities. Talking about the areas where these opportunities exist, the CEO went on to say that "While the Silicon Valley remains in a downturn (these industries) in the Northwest and in Southern California are expanding and reporting demand for IT personnel".

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News source: ZDNet

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