It's Official: ATI's R600 Delayed

News of the delay was first rumoured over at the Inquirer, then blogged over at Engadget and finally landed in our Back Page News subforum. According to the original source, the "R600 presentation and introduction is pushed to a later date. It is pushed back for launch in Q2 and this comes officially from AMD." I hesitated to write about this unfortunate report, but now I have no choice. It looks like AMD's first DirectX 10-compatible card isn't yet on its way. According to ExtremeTech's Loyd Case, ATI (AMD's graphics division) representatives personally and officially confirmed that cards based on the chip have been delayed. ExtremeTech's article went on to say that unconfirmed problems hinted at "a respin of the silicon". NVIDIA must have tears in their eyes, from laughing so hard.

Link: Forum Discussion (Thanks Digix)
News source: ExtremeTech

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