Jailbreakme iOS hacker to become intern for Apple

Hacking into an operating system can sometimes get the hacker into trouble. Other times it can actually create a way to get a new job. That particular turn of events seems to have happened for a well known hacker of Apple's iOS operating system.

In a Twitter message, Nicholas Allegra, better known by his handle "Comex" has revealed that "[...] the week after next I will be starting an internship with Apple." He doesn't state exactly what he will be doing at Apple but Allegra responded to a number of tweets about his new gig with another Twitter message, saying, "[...] Thanks for the congratulations everyone; I was expecting a more negative response :)."

Allegra is the creator of the iOS mod Jailbreakme, which allows for applications to be run on the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad that are not officially approved by Apple. The mod can easily be reversed by the iOS user by restoring the original version of the operating system. Jailbreakme has gone through three versions and there's no word if Allegra will continue to work on the mod while he works at Apple.

Just a few days ago, yet another well known mobile operating system hacker started a new job. As we reported, Steve Kondik, who created the popular custom ROM -- CyanogenMod -- announced that he will now be working at Samsung Mobile as a software engineer. Again there's no word if his work on the CyanogenMod will continue now that he is working at Samsung.

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