JAJAH turns iPod Touch into phone

JAJAH has produced software that allows users of the iPod touch to make phone calls and send SMS text messages anywhere in the world, as long as they are in range of a Wi-Fi connection (and have a microphone headset).

Marketwire quotes Trevor Healy, CEO of JAJAH: "With JAJAH's solution, any company can turn their customers' iPod touch into a fully functioning mobile phone. The device is particularly popular amongst students, who live in a world where Wi-Fi access is always available and, like everyone, they are looking to save costs, so this is a perfect solution."

With cost savings of 98% or more over traditional mobile phone services, the product should appeal to consumers. And, because JAJAH is offering the software as a "white-label" service, individual companies themselves can dress their own versions of it up with their own logos and branding and use JAJAH's backend systems to process payments from more than 200 countries.

JAJAH's offering competes more widely with Skype and open source VOIP programs such as Ekiga. Although JAJAH claims in its press release that this product is now available at the Apple App Store, it is not, as of this writing, yet possible to obtain it there.

Skype had announced at CES 2009 that they were developing an official app for the iPod touch, but as yet nothing is available.

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