Jamming device refuels Australian mobile debate

Australia's ban on mobile phone jamming technology has come under renewed debate, with one local reseller encouraging the implementation of a Bill to allow such devices to be used here.

Mobile phone jammers are used to block annoying mobile phone calls in places such as restaurants, cinemas, museums and libraries, but have been widely criticised for unintentionally jamming phones and equipment outside the area of intended use and interfering with emergency communications.

It has been an offence to operate or supply, or possess for the purpose of operation or supply, such a device in Australia since March 1999. But on the back of the release of a Hong-Kong developed device that claims to better previous versions by not spilling out into unintended areas, one Australian reseller Chris Larmour is encouraging ZDNet readers to contact him (computec@origin.net.au) to discuss the implementation of a Bill to allow this product to be used here.

News source: ZDnet Australia

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