Jide's Remix OS now available as virtual machine for Windows PCs

If you rely on Google’s ecosystem and wish Android applications were available on Windows 10, you’re in luck – sort off. Jide, the makers of Remix OS, have released their custom operating system based on Android Marshmallow that runs on x86 PCs.

The software levers an emulation based window for system apps and is similar to Chrome OS, yet more fluent than BlueStacks. According to Android Police, the system is “surprisingly robust and easy to use”. All Android apps are available to download through the Google Play Store, essentially allowing you to run the system side by side with Windows 10.

In July, Jide released an update to Remix OS, bumping it to version 3.0. The developers have now further tweaked these features allowing users to take advantage of multi-window support, keyboard mapping and the support of mouse and trackpads.

Jide Remix OS is a move to support users whom may not want to purchase Jide’s own Remix tablets or other products from its partner OEMs. Jide is one of the few companies whose products are based on Android Marshmallow, as compared to competing emulators which still rely on Android Lollipop.

If you want to try out Remix OS on your PC, feel free to follow the link here.

Source: Android Police | Image via TechYuga

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