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Joe Belfiore: We love Windows phones, that's why we bring its features to iOS and Android

In the latest Fast Ring build for Windows 10 – Build 16251 – Microsoft introduced the first in a new set of features that rely on users linking their phone with their PC; for now, this link allows users to send whatever webpage they are browsing on their phone over to their PC.

Interestingly enough, the feature only supports iOS and Android devices, leaving behind Microsoft’s very own Windows phone devices. A few people, disgruntled by this, inquired with Joe Belfiore on Twitter, as seen below:

Certainly, that’s an interesting way of looking at it – after all, Windows phones now share only a measly 0.1% of the market. It only makes sense to bring the best of what Windows phones offer to platforms that are used by the majority of people.

But that doesn’t lessen the agony for the loyal users who still stick by Microsoft’s platform. As Dan Roth puts it on Twitter: “We don't feel the love though. We usually feel more like 2nd class citizens when it comes to MS products and services.”

Edge already supports sharing links between the phone and the PC, so the link feature – for now – would be redundant on a Windows phone. However, this is only the first in a set of planned features for the phone-to-PC link, and the next feature that gets added may not be as redundant.

Belfiore has previously stated that Microsoft will continue to support Windows phones, even though the company appears to be putting Windows 10 Mobile to rest more recently – though confusingly, not in favor of Windows 10 on ARM.

Source: Twitter (Joe Belfiore)

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