jv16 PowerTools X

jv16 PowerTools X

Macecraft Software has released jv16 PowerTools X, the latest generation of Windows optimization software designed to automatically fix system errors, improve the PC’s overall performance, and clean unneeded data from Windows-based PCs.

The release was made alongside an industry-wide benchmark report showing jv16 PowerTools X achieving up to 14 percent improvements in PCMark 7 benchmark scores and up to 68 percent improvements in the Windows startup speed. Using different computers and Windows operating system versions, the PowerTools X product was able to improve the Windows startup time by 38 seconds on average.

Supported operating systems are: Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP and Windows 2000. The product fully supports both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows.

The main features of the jv16 PowerTools X include:

  • A new tool called the Startup Optimizer which is an easy-to-use tool designed to improve the way Windows starts up. It works by integrating itself to the Windows boot process and offers real-time optimization each time the system starts.
  • The main product feature called Clean and Fix My Computer has been extended to merge all of the main Windows cleaning features into a single, easy-to-use tool. For example, the new Startup Optimizer tool can be enabled by simply running the Clean and Fix My Computer feature.
  • The ‘My Account’ section has been added to the product’s main user interface in order to ensure a smooth transition between different versions of the product as well as a user-friendly license management and automatic licensing feature for already registered customers. To activate a registered version of the product, all the user needs to do is to enter his or her name and the My Account feature will take care of the rest.

jv16 PowerTools X changes:

  • Bug fix: Windows warns about incorrect certificate when starting PowerTools – This is due to the certificate used to sign the program expired, the new version is now signed wit a new certificate.
  • Bug fix: The program can crash with Out of Memory error message.
  • Bug fix: The Back button in the main user interface isn’t translated. This fix does not require changes to the translation files.
  • Bug fix: The Select feature to automatically select all but one of the found duplicate files is missing from the Duplicate File Finder. It’s back now.
  • Bug fix: Disabling or Enabling startup items with the Startup Manager can lead to the progress panels to be displayed incorrectly (two panels overlapping each other).
  • Bug fix: Program doesn’t always detect real-time anti-virus products that can affect PowerTools’ performance. PowerTools should display warning if such program is detected. The warning should only show at most once a day when PowerTools is started and at most ten times in total.
  • Bug fix: When applying a new license with the My Account feature, the program can both show an error message about incorrect license and say a correct license was found.
  • Bug fix: The Startup Optimizer can in some specific combinations of installed software make the Windows shutdown slower.
  • Bug fix: The Clean and Fix My Computer can reset the Windows user account’s profile picture under some specific cases. If this has happened in your system, simply use the Windows Control Panel’s user account management to set the correct profile pictures.
  • Bug fix: Removed reference from the Maintenance Tool to the removed statistics feature.
  • Bug fix: In some systems, enabling the password protection made the program no longer start (the password input window never showed up).
  • Bug fix: The program can crash when trying to use the Immunize My Computer tool in the rare case the system doesn’t have a hosts file (or access to it has been denied).
  • Bug fix: The Service Manager can show an error message relating to ESvcMgrException.
  • Bug fix: The Mass File Rename tool can crash if you attempt to rename files in a way the new filenames contain filenames that already exist.
  • Bug fix: The Registry Compactor may not run if Windows has been installed to other drive than C:\
  • Bug fix: The Chinese Simplified translation is not installed, even if user chooses to install it.
  • Improvement: Minor GUI visual improvements for users running Windows XP.
  • Improvement: Added many new safety improvements including new double and triple checks to the registry cleaner engine to ensure maximal accuracy and safety.
  • Improvement: Improved the speed of the Registry Finder.
  • Improvement: Now ships with the Czech and Korean translations and the Chinese, Dutch, Polish and Swedish translations have been updated.
  • Improvement: My Account feature now automatically checks for a license after you enter your information, without the need to click the Update button.
  • Improvement: My Account feature now automatically informs us if you have bought a license but the license installation has failed, this will make our servers automatically generate a new license file for you.
  • Improvement: If you once disable Startup Optimizer, the default setting for it in Clean and Fix My Computer will now also be disabled.
  • Improvement: Improved the accuracy of the registry cleaning engine.
  • Improvement: PowerTools can now better detect and skip directories that seem like temporary directories but which are not. For example, if you use directory “C:\Temp” to store your temperature measurement documents, PowerTools is now able to detect that the data inside the directory is important and do not offer those files to be removed as temporary files.
  • Improvement: After applying a new license, PowerTools will now show more clearly that a license has been applied and that the program must be now restarted.
  • Improvement: Improved Software Uninstaller’s ability to find installed software from the system.
  • Improvement: The program now uses less memory (RAM) when running.
  • Improvement: Added the forum link to the main window.

jv16 PowerTools X update: Version had a bug that caused it not to accept some valid license files. The build 1486 was quickly released to fix the issue.

Download: jv16 PowerTools X | 8.3 MB (Shareware)
Link: jv16 PowerTools X Website

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