Kaspersky Labs - Virus top 20 September

This September we witnessed several outbreaks caused by new variants of our old enemies Bagle and Mydoom. Thankfully, we did not see any malware exploiting the JPEG vulnerability in MS Windows, despite dire predictions by some analysts that an outbreak was inevitable. In short, September resembled August, with only minor changes.

Just as in August, we see 5 new malicious programs in the ratings this month. And it's more variations on the same theme: we had 3 new Mydoom variants and no Bagles in August, while in September they evened out with 2 new variants of each. TrojanDownloader.JS.Gen was the only truly new piece of malware in the ratings this month. In the meantime, Netsky variants continue to dominate the top slots; changing places with each other, but not yielding to any other viruses. NetSky.q pushed aside NetSky.aa and took first place. Once again, the only malicious program to compete with the NetSky variants is Zafi. This Hungarian virus is maintaining a slow but steady downward pace, moving down to third place.

News source: Kaspersky Labs

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