Kaspersky Security Cloud Free

Kaspersky Security Cloud Free

Built with patented adaptive technologies, Kaspersky Security Cloud – Free adjusts to your life to keep you safe. It knows when to alert you, when to warn you and when to step in to block direct threats. And because it’s always on, it protects you round the clock.

Kaspersky Security Cloud Free for Windows includes three major additions (and a whole bunch of smaller ones):

  • System Watcher performs behavioral analysis and blocks even unknown threats based on their behavior. For example, if an application tries to encrypt too many files at the same time, it is likely ransomware and shouldn’t be permitted to do anything. System Watcher blocks such activity and rolls back changes made by malware. System Watcher used to be offered only as part of our premium solutions, but now it’s an integral component of Kaspersky Security Cloud Free.
  • Automatic Exploit Prevention is another behavioral component. It’s responsible for protection against malware that exploits vulnerabilities in popular applications and platforms (Java, Adobe Flash Player, Adobe Acrobat, Internet browsers, etc.) Most computers have these applications installed, and many bugs are found in them on a regular basis. Malefactors and hackers use these vulnerabilities to install and launch malware with the help of special programs called exploits on computers of users who don’t keep their software updated. Automatic Exploit Prevention can detect such attempts to exploit vulnerabilities by recognizing typical behavioral patterns and block them.
  • Anti-Blocker, as the name implies, protects devices from Trojan blockers, a type of malware that doesn’t encrypt files but rather blocks the entire computer and demands ransom. Even if such malware manages to find its way into the system, Anti-Blocker will help your device bypass the block and delete the malware.

These three major additions complement the reliable antivirus engine and the useful functions such as antiphishing, e-mail antivirus, Web antivirus, and secure on-screen keyboard that are already part of the free security solution, Kaspersky Free.

Overall, in terms of of protection against malware, Kaspersky Security Cloud Free is a significant improvement over the last year’s version of Kaspersky Free Anti-virus, which has gained user trust all over the world. But Kaspersky Security Cloud is a lot more than an antivirus, which becomes obvious even when you use the free version.

Download: Kaspersky Security Cloud Free | 2.4 MB (Freeware, global version)
View: Kaspersky Security Cloud Free Homepage | Download page for other regions

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