KaZaA Lite Cracked K++ 2.0.2 build 5

KaZaA Lite Cracked K++ 2.0.2 build 5 is released. Make sure you have the lastest version of KaZaA Lite Cracked K++ 2.0.2. This should be the last build for a long while, at least until a new K++ version comes out (if ever). The filesize of the lastest version should be 2,24 Mb. The following languages are available: English, German (Deutsch), French (Française) and Italian (Italiano). The build numbers of the non-English language versions are all build 2. The newest English build is build 5.

    Extra improvements compared to KaZaA Lite 2.0.2:

    Unlimited number of sources per file is now possible, the default maximum is set at 40 however in KaZaA lite, this value can also be changed in the registry

    Find more sources time limit now set to 1 minute (was 4 minutes in the previous version)

    KaZaA Lite will scan your shared files every 5 minutes (instead of every 1 minute), this value can also be changed in the registry and should greatly reduce the amount of system resources used

    The customized start page will now also work when you don't install into the default location, it can even be changed to any page you want in the registry

    Now when you tell KaZaA Lite to start when your computer starts, K++ will be automatically started

    Installer doesn't overwrite all settings anymore, but uses old ones if possible

    My Shared Folder default location moved to My Documents

    Sig2dat links now work without restarting

    &noad=0 in search window is now gone

    SpeedUp 2.0.1 is included

    Dat View 1.1 is included

Download: KaZaA Lite Cracked K++ 2.0.2 build 5

News source: betas.intercom.net

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