Kazaa traffic falls due to RIAA announcement

Kazaa, the most popular software for file sharing, saw a significant decline in user traffic during the first 10 hours following last Wednesday's announcement by the RIAA. But traffic bounced back within 24 hours. From Wednesday afternoon to Friday morning, the number of users signed on to the FastTrack network -- the system that supports Kazaa and Grokster -- fluctuated between 3.4 million and 4.4 million, according to figures reported by Kazaa.

"The numbers have been consistent-to-normal fluctuation," said Richard Chernela, a spokesman for Kazaa parent Sharman Networks. Grokster saw downloads increase Thursday between 5 percent and 10 percent, said company president Wayne Rosso. Recording industry officials said Friday they don't expect their campaign to produce change overnight.

"This is a long-term effort," said RIAA spokeswoman Amy Weiss. "We are committed to communicating the message that offering copyrighted music online is illegal. It hurts artists, songwriters and everyone else who brings music to the public, and we will hold those who engage in this activity accountable."

News source: CNN

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