KFC is complementing its employee training program with a sinister VR game

KFC has developed a virtual reality game to teach its employees how to prepare its famous recipe of fried chicken, but it’s doing that in a way that, may or may not be, slightly creepy.

As the somewhat sinister trailer above shows, the VR training session is titled The Hard Way and is only available to KFC employees, on an Oculus Rift VR headset.

The entirety of this experience is available to watch on Eater’s website and features an eerie Colonel Sanders teaching an employee – that is, the player – how to recreate his famous recipe, but in a Cave Johnson-esque fashion – the one from Valve’s Portal series.

Colonel Sanders takes the employee through the entire cooking process – the player must inspect the raw chicken, rinse it just enough so it doesn't get too wet, bread it with the proper technique, place it on the rack correctly, and finally, pressure fry it. According to KFC, the VR training takes just about 10 minutes to finish, while a real-life training session takes 25 minutes.

However, it’s not clear exactly why KFC is putting its employees through this experience; the VR training session may save time and avoid wastage of actual product, but it’s not a replacement for the physical training, per a KFC spokesperson:

“The game is intended to supplement the existing Chicken Mastery program, not replace it...This is intended to be a fun way to celebrate the work KFC’s more than 19,000 cooks do every day in every restaurant across the U.S. in an engaging way.”

KFC has been, in recent times, experimenting with strange ideas: the company collaborated with Huawei on a limited edition smartphone exclusively for China and followed that with a “controller box” meal featuring a game controller, packed in a box, with a KFC meal. In 2015, the company even created a bucket of chicken that could print photos, for reasons that remain unknown.

Source: Eater

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