Kickstarter campaign for "old school RPG" pulled

Earlier this month, LootDrop's Brenda Brathwaite and Tom Hall launched their Kickstarter campaign to help fund what they called their "old school RPG", later called Shaker. Now the game developer veterans have decided to stop their campaign well before it was scheduled to end.

In a post on the game's Kickstarter page, Brathwaite and Hall suggest that funding was not the main reason for killing their campaign. They state:

Ultimately, our pitch just wasn't strong enough to get the traction we felt it needed to thrive. Sure, it may have made it. We could have fought our way to a possibly successful end. In reading your feedback and talking it over internally, however, we decided that it made more sense to kill it and come back with something stronger. In game design, mercy killing is the law. So, please accept our thanks and apologies in equal order. Expect something more soon.

Even though Brathwaite and Hall say they have now stopped the campaign, the Kickstarter page is still up and accepting donations for Shaker. However, it's unlikely it would have been successful. It had a $1 million goal and with 15 days to go only managed to raise less than a quarter of that amount.

Source: Kickstarter | Image via LootDrop

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