Kinect will be able to support more than two players simultaneously

Microsoft's Kinect for the Xbox 360 is only a few months from launching, and already many consumers and gamers are worried about the add-on being limited to two players.

However, there is good news for gamers, as Kinect will be able to support more than two simultaneous players at any given time.

Xbox general manager, Kudo Tsunoda, told at gamersom that many of the titles for Kinect at launch will only support two players, but it isn't become of limitations in the technology, it's because of the developers choice. This will mean that Kinect will support more than four players on screen at the same time. Although no maximum number of players were mentioned, we can suspect Kinect will be able to handle four or more players.

“You can see like sometimes in a split-screen game it's hard to add more and more players because it's hard to see what's going on - and that's true of any game. I think something like Dance Central you can see is already incorporating more than two,” Tsunoda said at Gamersom last week.

Kinect goes on sale November 10, 2010 and will sell for $149.99 in the US, £129.99 in the UK, and $199.99 AUD in Australia.

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