Konami website hints at next Metal Gear coming to Xbox 360

A new official Metal Gear website by Konami has sent rumour mills spinning with word that the cryptic message is a sign that the next instalment will be coming to the Xbox 360. Little is known about the site, and the only words displayed are the Konami logo and an equation, with the subtitle "A Next Metal Gear Is...". Not much to worry over until you realise the equation is written in the signature Xbox green, and the result looks suspiciously like the 360's green power button.

Word of an Xbox 360 Metal Gear Solid has persisted for years, with Hideo Kojima himself denying the existence of a 360 version of the fourth iteration in the series. Metal Gear Solid 2, however, did make an appearance on the original Xbox, in the form of the beefed-up Substance version. Both Kojima and Konami have made comments regarding a fifth Metal Gear Solid publicly before, with Kojima less likely to play a big role in development. Whether or not this move will impact the quality of future titles remains to be seen.

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