Latest Gran Turismo 4 scans

Well, what can I say, it's looking amazingly impressive and pushing the PlayStation 2 a lot further then I thought possible.

UK car magazine Evo had an 8 page spread on the driving sim legend himself, Kazunori Yamauchi, they caught up with him at the recent UK Millbrook testing event. According to Yamauchi-san, the lap times in Gran Turismo 4 will be remarkably similar to what would be achievable in real life :O

If you look carefully at screenshot 6, there's a snippet of text which has been cut off from the scan. It says:

Detailing and dynamics of GT4 will be extraordinary, but according to Yamouchi it's still only about 10 per cent of what will be achievable with future generation hardware.

Wow! PlayStation 3 handling this at a breeze anyone?

News source: GT4:UI

Screenshot: Possible render (looks too good)

Screenshot: Corvette in the city

Screenshot: Replay at the Tsukuba circuit

Screenshot: Suburu in what could be the Grand Canyon

Screenshot: Look at the detail!

Screenshot: *Warning, Large* Evo VII crossing the finish line

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