Latest Microsoft ad: Laptop hunting Sheila

Microsoft is continuing its ad campaign named "laptop hunters".

Yesterday the company unveiled Sheila, hunting for a laptop that could cut video and has a big screen as Sheila is an artist. Microsoft decided to attack the fact Macbooks often come with a small amount of RAM, 2GB in the example they used. Hardened Mac fans could argue, "why not upgrade the RAM?" which is a valid point as less seems to have been made about the price point in this episode.

Either way the laptop hunter adverts have certainly triggered debate, criticism and applause from the many thousands that have watched them both here at Neowin and comments throughout various online forums.

Microsoft's latest ad campaign began with Lauren in March this year. With the "I'm a PC" ad campaign gathering pace and positive feedback for Windows 7, who knows what Microsoft has up its sleeve for Windows 7 marketing?

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