Latest SkyDrive TV ad has destructive high-fiving robot

Much like they did with, Microsoft has now launched a new TV commercial campaign that puts the spotlight on its SkyDrive cloud storage service. Earlier this week, the first of the ads made its debut online, featuring a camping trip that no one would want to be a part of.

Microsoft has now gone ahead and posted a second SkyDrive commercial on YouTube and this one features a simple situation that quickly gets out of hand. Two people have been successful in creating half of a humanoid robot and for its first act, the robot asks for a high five from its creator.

Unfortunately, the robot then proceeds to keep high-fiving, but instead of slapping the hand of a human, it takes its gesture out on the nearby laptop. Ouch. Obviously, the lesson here is that people should store their important PC files on SkyDrive so that they are protected from "High five, bro" actions.

We have to say that whomever is handling the marketing at Microsoft on their various products is doing pretty well in engineering TV commercials that are entertaining to watch as well as getting the point of the product or service across, such as the The Windows Phone-Lumia Lumia 920 ad  and last week's  Office 365 videos and their funny take on Google Docs. We hope that when Windows 8.1 is launched, we get similar TV ads.

Source: SkyDrive on YouTube

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