Latest Windows 8 Consumer Preview build number: 8225?

Windows 8's developer preview had one glaring omission, at least compared to Windows 7: Media Center. Rest assured, Microsoft will include Media Center in Windows 8, as they said back in September.

Supposedly, there are enough skeptics out there, that someone at Microsoft was compelled to post this Twitter update on @BuildWindows8. Normally we're used to reading unofficial reports of latest build numbers, such as build 8222 as the beta candidate number.

This time, there's a new build number from Microsoft themselves: 8225.

Besides the (somewhat disappointing) unchanged appearance of Windows Media Center, of note is the lack of a Show Desktop button on the bottom right corner. There must also be some explanation of the blurred text - does Microsoft still believe the term "Consumer Preview" is a secret (hint: it's not), or perhaps the real marketing name of Windows 8 is in there?

The end of February can't come soon enough.

Image Credit: BuildWindows8 on Twitter

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