Leaked Nintendo DS Specs Revealed (Supposedly)

The one-page specification summary, entirely in Japanese, also provides further confirmation of many things we already knew about the DS (which has recently been revealed to have the codename "Nitro", although it's not clear whether that is purely a development codename or if it will find its way onto the final product branding). As expected, the system will have two processors, with an ARM-9 CPU running at 67Mhz and an ARM-7 unit running at 33Mhz. Retail DS devices will have 4Mb of main RAM (while debug development units will have double that), with additional chunks of cache and shared RAM for the processors and 656Kb of video RAM.

The real surprises, however, come from things which Nintendo didn't even hint at in its original announcement. The system will possess decent 2D capabilities, but it also has a 3D graphics system which, the spec claims, is capable of drawing 120,000 polygons per second, representing a fill-rate of 30 million pixels per second. That figure hardly puts it into the same league as the PSP for 3D performance, but it's the first time that a Nintendo handheld has featured hardware accelerated 3D, and should open up significant new possibilities for games on the device. As, indeed, should the other two revelations on the leaked document - namely the inclusion of 802.11 wireless LAN technology (the industry standard used for wireless networking), and of a touch panel input device.

News source: Gamesindustry.biz

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