Leap Motion gets over 26,000 requests for dev units

Leap Motion surprised many people in the tech world with its reveal of the Leap in May. The PC and Mac motion sensing add-on device is supposed to be, in the company's own words, "200 times more accurate than anything else on the market." Neowin conducted an interview with Leap Motion's CEO Michael Buckwald in June.

Today, Leap Motion announced that since their first Leap announcement, it has received over 26,000 applications from developers to receive the free Leap SDK hardware and software. That includes over 1,500 applications from researchers and students. 42 percent of the applications have come from the US.

As one might expect, the biggest category for people interested in making Leap supported apps is for games, coming in at 14 percent. 12 percent of Leap applications are for music and video software, while 11 percent are for art and design apps.

Leap Motion plans to sell Leap-based apps though their own online Leap Store. In an email sent to Neowin today, the company said that over 90 percent of the developers who have applied for a Leap SDK want to sell their apps via the Leap Store.

App creators can still apply for a free Leap SDK at the company's website. Developer units will be sent out in the next few months. Leap Motion plans to start shipping the Leap add-on to the general public in early 2013 for $70.

Source: Leap Motion website | Image via Leap Motion

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