Legal Music Downloads on the Rise

According to a new survey conducted by Entertainment Media Research, around 35% of music listeners now legally download their favorite songs from the internet; a percentage that is quickly catching up to those who pirate songs and albums. Of the 4000 people surveyed, 40% admitted that they still obtain their songs by illegal means.

Possible deterrents to illegal downloaded include the fear of prosecution by law agencies, the fear of infected one's computer with viruses, and inferior sound quality. John Enser, a senior partner at media law firm Olswang, believed that guilt may also be playing a factor.

"Clear deterrents to illegal downloading are emerging, with fear of prosecution running high, and close behind is the sense that unauthorized downloading is 'not fair on the artists,' suggesting that the industry's messages, led by the British Phonographic Industry, are being communicated effectively."

Are the messages being sent by the RIAA and other music organizations around the globe working? Perhaps we've seen a rise in the quality of the music being created. Regardless of the reasons, the recording industry groups must be pleased with this trend.

News source: Reuters

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