Lenovo Yoga C630 WOS unboxing and first impressions

This week, I've been attending Qualcomm's Snapdragon Technology Summit (I actually recorded this video before that). One thing that I noticed was that all Qualcomm employees were using Lenovo's Yoga C630 WOS, one of only two PCs on the market with a Snapdragon 850. The reason that they weren't using the Samsung Galaxy Book2 is twofold: the Yoga C630 includes 8GB RAM while the Galaxy Book2 has 4GB, and the Yoga C630 has a convertible form factor while the Galaxy is a tablet.

And that's the point; this is a real laptop. You don't have to worry about the lapability issues that come from Surface Pro-style tablets, or the memory issues that come from having only 4GB RAM.

I've been using this machine all week, and there are some pros and cons. For one thing, I really love the keyboard. In fact, all of the hardware is great. The biggest issue is that I use Google's Chrome browser, and while performance is much better than on the Snapdragon 835, it still struggled in emulation sometimes.

The good news is that it gets better. Qualcomm did announce that both Firefox and the open-source Chromium browser are coming to ARM64, and that means that Chrome won't be too far behind. Naturally, when that does happen, we'll be covering it.

Like all Snapdragon PCs, the Yoga C630 comes with built-in 4G LTE. I'm actually sitting in an airport writing this, and I haven't even checked to see if there's Wi-Fi available. With LTE, you're connected from almost anywhere, which for me at least, fundamentally changes the way I use my PC.

Check out the unboxing video below:

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