LG Display to show off "roll-down" display and much more at CES 2020

With CES 2020 right around the corner, it seems like every company has something to announce. LG Display - which is a separate entity from LG Electronics, the company that makes most consumer-facing products you know of - has revealed what it will be showing off at the event.

There are a lot of products aimed at many different markets, but perhaps the most interesting area is the home. The company will show off a couple of Cinematic Sound OLED displays, which embed the sound system into the display. One of them is a 77-inch UHD Film Cinematic Sound & Wallpaper OLED display, which is meant to be "hung like wallpaper". The sound system itself is made of film, allowing the display to be "wafer-thin". Then there's an 88-inch 8K Cinematic Sound OLED display with an 11.2 channel sound system.

Another interesting addition is a 65-inch UHD Roll-Down OLED display, which seems to be an alternative approach to the rollable TV introduced by LG Electronics last year. This display is meant to be equipped on a ceiling down, and it rolls down from there to save space. Aside from that, there'll be a new 48-inch OLED TV display, adding to the company's portfolio which consists of 55-, 65-, 77-, and 88-inch panels.

Moving away from the home, LG Display will be showing off a wall of 55-inch OLED displays that can be mounted on the wall of a plane for entertainment. There are also other OLED displays aimed at improving the first-class experience. These include a 65-inch bendable OLED display, which can be bent from both ends to provide curvature adjustment to suit the passengers' preferences.

For cars, LG Display will have Plastic OLED displays, including a complete dashboard made up of four displays - a 14-inch Cluster, a 12.3-inch Center Information Display, a 12.3-inch Co-Driver Display, and a 12.8-inch Control Pad Display. All these reside under a single cover glass for a "refined overall design". There will also be a multi-layered cluster, with a 12.3-inch transparent OLED display on top of a POLED display to show "dynamic information". Finally, there's a 12.8-inch rollable display that can be mounted anywhere in the car for entertainment.

Finally, the company is showing off a couple of displays for offices, commercial spaces, and more. For the latter, a 55-inch Transparent OLED display with 40% transparency will serve as a digital showcase while providing a sense of openness. For offices, an 86-inch display with in-TOUCH technology promises more touch precision, better picture quality, and a slimmer design, while also including support for up to four active pens for real-time collaboration.

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