Liberty Media files lawsuit against

The popular file sharing website Hotfile has recently come under fire with legal action taken against it from Liberty Media which operates commerce, media, communication & entertainment business in the US, Europe & Asia. Liberty Media has filed a lawsuit against the site for copyright infringement with damages worth up to $150,000 per infringed work in the state of Florida, USA. Liberty Media says that whilst the filesharing website may have legitimate use "it's aim is to profit from illegale sharing of copyright materials, many of which are the intellectual property of Liberty Media".

Liberty Media says that is has found more then 2,400 links to 800 of its titles stored on Hotfile and as a result has listed 1000 users claimed to have "jointly and severally, with actual or constructive knowledge of or with willful blindness, reproduced and distributed certain LIBERTY-owned works through"  and have been ordered to defend themselves in court.

Liberty Media has also asked the court that Lemuria Communications & PayPal have the fingers pointed at them and be stood along side with Anton Titov who is the owner of Hotfile. Lemuria Communications is believed to be the web hosting company for Hotfile with servers operating in Dallas and Florida while PayPal is being accused as it offers financial services to Hotfile, Titov & Lemuria Communications. As a result Liberty demands that all assets held by PayPal are to be frozen pending until the result of the case. 

Liberty Media finally goes even further asking for the domain name to be seized pending the result of the case.

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