Light leak causing White iPhone delays

Ever since the announcement of iPhone 4, the white iPhone has been experiencing delays. Today, the reason for the delays may have been uncovered. TheStreet is reporting the back light from the iPhone display screen is leaking out around the edges of the glass, and seeping through the back of the white phone.

The latest delay was announced by Apple on Friday, stating that the white iPhone 4 won’t be available until at least late this year. Apple stated that it is “more challenging to manufacture than we originally expected.” Skeptics originally thought the delay was instead related to Apple stalling for time to correct the infamous antenna issues affecting the iPhone 4.

Whether or not that is true, the fact still remains that the light seepage does present a problem that is specific to the white iPhone 4. The case on the white iPhone 4 is far more transparent than the black iPhone 4, so the light can leak through easier. 

Combined with the well publicized signal loss issue, which occurs when the outer band of the device is touched, this new "light leak" only increases the criticism of Apple's R&D process. The light bleed likely stems from the fact that the back is made from glass, were another material used, a simple coating would be an effective solution, but that cannot be applied here. With all of these issues, it is clear that Apple have a lot of work ahead of them.

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