Lindows Click-N-Run the real deal?

This morning I got an interesting email from of which I am a subscriber. They talk of Click-N-Run launching from with Lindows Os Sneak Preview 2 - I am not on the preview program nor has Neowin been invited to participate so if anyone can verify any of this be my guest.

It seems Click-N-Run is a service that will steer users of Lindows away from eTailors and is in my view the only way Lindows can ever hope to make money. By becoming an eTailor itself. All this incorperated into Lindows itself makes me think its looking alot less attractive. An example of this can be seen in a quotation from the email:

Q: How does Click-N-Run make software loading easy?

A: Normally, finding software for your computers means visiting multiple stores or web sites trying to find software that interests you. Then, there's multi-step installation and registration process, which can be slow and cumbersome. Newer products from Microsoft require a 40-digit-activation code. Click-N-Run puts a warehouse of software all in one place with an easy-to-use interface to browse. A simple mouse click on the Click-N-Run button will download and install the software, so it's ready to run on your computer.

Hmm, so if I understand it right, Click-N-Run will eliminate the need for 40-digit-activation code's on Microsoft Products? (its 25 digits, but hey) I don't really understand how that fits in with the concept, but hey! LOL

Anyway if you want my opinion, it feels like Michael Robertson is making an OS that will become a platform for reselling more software. Make a Linux run Win32 applications and whack in a shell that allows you to buy anything (via them) thus taking out the eShops and retailers. Hmm quite monopolistic in my view. Full email inside.

View: Lindows "Warehouse"

News source: erm, no-one! I'm scared, someone hold me :S

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