Lindows for Tablet PC?

So it would seem, gents, so it would seem :(. When will these people learn that we dont want their imitiation rubbish...

"Imagine an Etch-A-Sketch size computer on the front of your refrigerator or maybe on the coffee table in your living room. Anytime you want movie times, sport scores, news headlines, or need to check your email, you'll have a handy, battery-operated, wirelessly-networked computer ready for your use. This is what the tablet computer is all about. We've been working on a tablet computer running LindowsOS, which should be ready near the first part of the year. (See below for how you can signup to hear about their release first.)

I wanted to share with you some of our thoughts to get your feedback on where we're headed in the tablet market. I think you'll see our thinking about these devices may be different from others."

Screenshot: What Lindows would look like on a Tablet PC

View: Micheals Minutes

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