Lindows gives Microsoft your email address...

If you are one of the subscribers who asked to be signed up or were on the mailing list, it appears that Microsoft now know who you are, and your snail mail address, according to a news story I found on Slashdot.

As Michael Robertson, CEO of says in a release from his company...

    We feel obligated to disclose to you that we were compelled to disclose your email address to Microsoft during the discovery process as well as the content of many of your messages sent to us. We were not happy about doing this, but we had little choice. We have received assurances from Microsoft that they will not use or disclose your address for any purpose beyond this case.
How you can help Lindows...
    We are composing a list of the many hundreds of products named "Windows Something" or "Something Windows" or even variations on the word windows, which are not from Microsoft. We know there are many, many products that fit this characterization and we could use your assistance to help us create this list. We are looking for hardware products, software products, products for any operating system and even operating systems themselves.
View: Lindows - Help US with our defense against the Microsoft Lawsuit

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