Lindows moves to head off Microsoft

Lindows, a start-up developing software that would let many Windows programs run on Linux computers, this week released legal papers designed to head off Microsoft's efforts to thwart the product.

In December, Microsoft asked a federal judge to bar the company from using the Lindows name, which it claimed could confuse consumers.

The suit set back Lindows' software release schedule but also has given the start-up publicity as the latest chapter in the long-running competition between Microsoft and Linux fans. The company had hoped to release a preview version in December, but said the legal action delayed the software, which eventually arrived in February.

And the suit has given Lindows new ambitions. "There's a strong chance that Microsoft may lose its trademark on Windows," said Vice President of Marketing John Bromhead. He also said the company has some backup names prepared in case it loses.

In the latest court papers, which were made public Thursday, Lindows said it conducted a survey of 750 of its registered users and found that not one confused Microsoft with the start-up.

"Not a single respondent believed that Microsoft 'makes, sponsors or licenses Lindows OS' or 'owns or operates,'" the company said in the filing.

News source: ZDNet News - Lindows moves to head off Microsoft

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