LinkedIn Windows Phone app gets major update

LinkedIn reportedly beat out a bid from Microsoft, among other companies, when it acquired the Pulse newsreader app last week for $90 million. However, the company continues to support its own apps for Microsoft platforms. Today a major new version of its app for Windows Phone is available for download.

As described on the official Windows Phone blog, the new 1.5 version of the LinkedIn app now adds Live Tile support, which allows LinkedIn updates to be seen right from the Windows Phone Start screen in three different Live Tile sizes. This new feature will certainly be welcome by heavy users of LinkedIn who will appreciate the glance-and-go convenience of seeing the latest updates without always having to open up the app.

The update also adds Lock screen support, which lets Windows Phone owners see images on their lock screen from the LinkedIn Today feed. People who like the voice interaction features of their Windows Phone will no doubt welcome the new support for speech recognition in the app too. The support lets users speak commands such as "LinkedIn: Inbox" to bring up sections of the app. Finally, the new version adds support for some additional languages such as French, German, Chinese, and Spanish.

Source: Microsoft | Image via LinkedIn

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