Linux 3.3 merges with Android

Linus Torvalds has finally released Linux 3.3, the latest and greatest version of the open source kernel which brings many improvements and new features. One novelty stands among the others: the FOSS project is now being merged with the Google Android codebase.

Soon the Linux kernel and the Android kernel will be the same thing, a fact that will end a disagreement over code development lasting for years: the differences between the two developers community are being ironed out, the Linux 3.3 release notes state, “various Android subsystems and features have already been merged and more will follow in the future”.

The chance to work on a common platform will benefit everyone, the Linux kernel community says, “including the Android mod community or Linux distributions that want to support Android programs”. The same will go for smartphone manufacturers, of course, with future Android-powered devices being no more than Linux-powered gadgets with some hardware-specific code and drivers included.

The merging between Linux and Android is still ongoing and will take some time to complete, while the latest release of the FOSS (Free and Open Source Software) kernel brings other significant improvements for RAID disk configurations, networking, EFI direct boot, support for a new architecture (TI C6X) and more.

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