Linux Foundation: Linux professionals have better paychecks

Linux Foundation, the non-profit organization devoted to promoting everything Linux, has release its “2012 Linux Jobs Report” about the job market for Linux professionals, admins and coders. People skilled with the open source OS are needed now more than ever, the report states, and their paychecks are better than the IT market average.

The Linux foundation – the same foundation that previously defined Windows as a beaten-up product, Microsoft “a puppy” and stated that enterprises truly love Linux – teamed up with Dice and surveyed more than 2.000 hiring managers. The survey result: 2012 is going to be a very good year for Linux experts in search of a new job opportunity.

The report states that 80% of recruiters plan to hire Linux professionals in 2012, and yet many said this kind of IT expert is very hard to find (85%). A common way to lure Linux experts is to make use of bonuses (18%) or offer additional stock options (8%). The study says that in 2011, the medium salary for Linux pros was $84,000 – a 5% increase compared to 2010 – and a $5,000 bonus on average.

Companies in search for Linux professionals in 2012 says they will rise up salaries (28%) and even offer flexible work schedules to lure new highly skilled workers. As for the more popular positions in the Linux job market, the Linux foundation/Dice study states developers are the most required professionals (67%) followed by system administrators (55%) and IT managers (20%).

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