Live WWDC 2005 Keynote Coverage

Today kicks off Apple's Worldwide Developer Conference, a week-long event focusing on Mac OS X developers. As is has become a tradition, Steve Jobs gets the ball rolling with a keynote address to all attendees. Steve's keynotes are known to be the place to be for announcements of new Apple products and services, and this year is no exception. There is rampant speculation and rumors of a switch by Apple from IBM to Intel for their hardware platform. This speculation is so rampant that many other previous rumors have been overlooked. iTunes has recently received video support and much speculation exists over what that means for the music store and iPod. There were whispers of a video Airport Express. Even the Apple tablet PC rumor has managed to resurface. Stay tuned here to Neowin where we will provide live coverage of the event and all the details on whatever Apple has up their sleeves.

View: Apple to switch to Intel chips

View: Discuss the WWDC 2005 Keynote

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