Logitech offers free upgrade to Harmony Link owners after backlash

Harmony Link

When it comes to devices, you expect them to work for as long as the hardware is good. With more and more connected devices coming to market backed by services, sometimes that isn't always the case.

As it was recently reported, Logitech decided that it would intentionally brick one of its devices, the Harmony Link, this coming March due to an expiring security certificate. This, as you can imagine, did not sit well with existing owners. At the same time, the firm would continue support of its newer and similar product, the Harmony Home Hub. Those that had recently purchased the Link and were still under warranty would be able to upgrade to the Home Hub for free, while those that were outside of the warranty, would be stuck with just a 35% discount towards an upgrade. Again, this didn't sit well with Link owners.

After the topic gained quite a bit of traction through various technology websites about Logitech's plans for its customers, the company has reversed course and will now offer all Link owners a free upgrade to the Home Hub. If you are one of those that are affected, you can head to the source link below for the full details or just contact Logitech support with your questions. Those that redeemed the 35% off discount will be eligible for a complete refund.

Source: Logitech via Wired

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