Long lost GoldenEye level discovered

After almost seven years, the mythical Citadel has been revealed. See the screens!

Ever since N64 shooter GoldenEye was released in 1997, gaming buffs have spoken of the mythical Citadel level - and, at last, some bright sparks have actually dug up the code hidden in the original game in the shape of a fragmented test level. Which, if nothing else, says a lot for their self-belief and determination, seeing as 'Citadel' was only known as a text reference in the game's memory.

While some would claim Rare's GoldenEye is the best console first-person shooter ever, it's certainly a seminal title and, as such, has reached a legendary status reserved for only the most respected games. Rare had previously commented on the Citadel situation, saying, "Citadel was a very rough test level designed during the early stages of the multiplayer mode. It's not in the finished game in any shape or form and Oddjob and Mayday wouldn't be in it if it was."

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