Longhorn's Demise Gives Linux Its Chance

Longhorn's delay may be Linux's gain, according to Linux vendors and analysts. With Longhorn shorn of most of its most important features, such as WinFS (Windows File System), Linux supporters are hopeful that the Linux desktop can finally make inroads into the hearts and minds of corporate desktop users.

Dr. Frederick Berenstein, chairman and CTO of Xandros Inc., thinks Linux can do more than just catch up with Windows. He thinks Linux can do better.

"It is understandable, given the complexity of Microsoft's vision of the new [WinFS] system that they chose to remove it from Longhorn until it is fully functional. The Linux community is aware of the direction Microsoft is taking and is planning to bring comparable pervasive search capabilities to the Linux desktop," said Berenstein.

Specifically, Berenstein noted, "It was just announced at the KDE [K Desktop Environment] Community World Summit that the next release of KDE upon which the Xandros GUI is based, may incorporate a Google-type facility on the control panel to search local content. Considering the Longhorn delays, there's a good chance that Xandros will beat Microsoft to the punch."

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News source: eWeek

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