Lost Toys' battle engine Aquila revealed.

Lost Toys finally unveiled its next project today, and it looks to be a corker. The world isn't short of futuristic first-person shooters, but when they look this hot, who gives a toss? Battle Engine Aquila, heading to PlayStation 2 and Xbox, casts you as Hawk, the pilot of prototype hunk of war metal, Aquila. Half way through the game everyone puts on sombreros, starts sucking lemons, shouting and... oh no, that's... er...

Climatic changes are generally rubbish and in Battle Engine Aquila, the results of a temperature rise are especially nasty. Global war ensues as seas rise and land becomes a premium commodity. Your role? Kill everyone you don't like with a large gun.

Thousands of units, including soldiers, tanks, aircraft and battlehips are going to war. Wipe them out. All of them.

News source: computerandvideogames.com

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